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By using Apex to supply your needs through Kashmir you benefit from the volume of all of our customers. That allows us to give you a price you normally wouldn't be able to get on your own.  We offer white labeling services, so that your brand will have your logo on the best papers we've ever tested.  Kashmir goes above and beyond for their employees.  They have voluntarily implemented the $15/hr minimum wage.  They have created a family culture that's as diverse as the world we live in.  The reason we are supporting and promoting Kashmir goes way beyond the quality of their products.  It's their integrity and compassion for their employees that really got our attention.  Their commitment to a diverse work space shows they understand what it takes to build a stronger America.


Rolling Papers and Pre Rolls for all. The story behind KASHMIR Rolling Papers goes deeper than just producing some of the best all-natural paper on the planet. It’s a story about Inspiration. Passion. Expression.

You see, we didn’t set out to make another brand of rolling papers.  We were inspired.

From the passion of the art world’s weaving of the culture into music, drawing, and poetry, to the spirit of the psychedelic era, and now the melding of the modern generation’s fresh outlook and ideas, Kashmir is a kaleidoscope of expression.

Voices of generations. Voices now encouraged to join together on the Kashmir FacebookYouTube, and Instagram network.

All are open invitations to express yourself. So climb aboard. The adventure begins….

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